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The grass is greener on the other side

There is a custom to spread greenery in the shul and in the home on Shavuos (Rema Orach Chaim 494). The reason for this custom is because the Medrash states that when the Jewish People received the Torah at Sinai, … Continue reading

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Shavuos: The Milky Way

What is the festival of Shavuos? In our prayers, Shavuos is referred to as Zman Matan Toraseinu, the time of the giving of our Torah. In the Torah, the festival is referred to as Chag HaShavuos, the festival of weeks. … Continue reading

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Sefiras HaOmer: Short, straight and simple

How do we understand Sefiras HaOmer in simple and practical terms? Many of us struggle with understanding Sefiras HaOmer for a few reasons. One reason for our difficulty in understanding this time period is because besides counting the days towards … Continue reading

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