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Ramazei DiOraysa: Hints in the Torah Volume 1 Issue 14

רמזי דאורייתאRamazei DiOraysa: Hints in the TorahVolume 1 Issue 14 It is said (Shemos 6:5) lachein emor, therefore, say. The word lachein equals in gematria 100, and this alludes to the statement in the Gemara (Menachos 43b) that one is … Continue reading

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Shabbos HaGadol III

The Tur (O.C. 430) writes that the reason why the Shabbos prior to Pesach is referred to as Shabbos HaGadol is because of the great miracle that occurred to the Jewish People in Egypt. The Sar Shalom from Belz asks, … Continue reading

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