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Shabbos: Ta’am HaChaim Sukkos 5768

Shabbos: Ta’am HaChaim Sukkos 5768 Shabbos in the ParashahThis Shabbos is the festival of Sukkos, when we commemorate the fact that HaShem enveloped the Jewish People in the Wilderness with the Clouds of Glory. The Ksav Sofer raises a profound … Continue reading

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Shabbos: Ta’am HaChaim Eikev 5767

Shabbos: Ta’am HaChaim Eikev 5767 Shabbos in the Parashah At the end of last week’s parashah it is said (Devarim 7:11) vishamarta es hamitzvah vies hachukim vies hamishpatim asher anochi mitzvavcha hayom laasosam, you shall observe the commandment, and the … Continue reading

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