Erev Shabbos Kodesh Chaye Sara 5777 Inspiration

The focus of this week’s parasha is the matchmaking between Yitzchak and Rivka, facilitated by Eliezer, Avraham’s faithful servant. Nonetheless, the onset of the parasha is connected to this matchmaking, albeit with a different spin. The Torah states that Sara lived 127 years and Rashi writes that all her years were equally good. We then learn of Avraham’s struggle to obtain a burial plot for Sara, concluding with Ephron conniving to have Avraham dish out four hundred shekel in the best currency. Rashi (Shemos 6:9), citing the Gemara (Sanhedrin 111a) tells us that this episode of finding Sara a burial plot was a test that Avraham passed with flying colors. HaShem had promised the Land to Avraham, yet when it came time to bury Sara, Avraham could not find a plot until he paid four hundred shekel, but he still did not question HaShem’s ways.

While on the surface it appears that Avraham was merely purchasing a burial plot, on a deeper level Avraham was forging a connection with the Land and with the Shechinah, the Divine Presence. Indeed, Rabbeinu Bachye writes that the burial place of חברון is associated with the word חיבור, connection. Similarly, the marriage of Yitzchak and Rivka was a connection that allowed for the Divine Presence to repose in their home. It is noteworthy that the words (Bereishis 24:67) וַיְבִאֶהָ יִצְחָק הָאֹהֱלָה, and Yitzchak brought her (Rivka) into the tent equal in gematria the words זה חברון, this is Chevron.

HaShem should allow us to continue in the ways of our Patriarchs and Matriarchs, constantly seeking a Connection to HaShem and His Holy Torah, and we should merit the ultimate connection with the arrival of Moshiach Tzidkienu and the rebuilding of the Bais HaMikdash in the Holy City of Yerushalayim, of which it is said (Tehillim 122:3) יְרוּשָׁלִַם הַבְּנוּיָה כְּעִיר שֶׁחֻבְּרָה לָּהּ יַחְדָּו, the built-up Jerusalem is like a city that is united together, speedily, in our days.


Rabbi Adler

Erev Shabbos Kodesh Chaye Sara 5777 Inspiration

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