Erev Shabbos Kodesh Inspiration Bo 5776

Sitting in an airport, waiting for the next flight because the first one has been cancelled, is definitely an experience. (Yes, that’s what happened to me yesterday, but I’ll spare you the details). Interestingly enough, it relates to the Jewish People’s existence in Egypt and their liberation. For 210 years the Jews slaved away for the Egyptians, without any hope of escape or liberation. Suddenly, Moshe reappears and delivers a message from HaShem that the time of redemption has arrived. Yet, it is only after a year of warnings to Pharaoh and plagues on the entire Egyptian population that Pharaoh actually allows the Jews to leave. This and similar experiences, like getting stuck in airport all day, can be referred to as, “we think it’s time to go now, but for some unknown reason we’re still here.” The good news is that we were ultimately redeemed. However, what may even be better news is that it was all for a good reason, and we do not know what that reason is.

We find that HaShem constantly informs Moshe regarding the purpose of the plagues that it is so the Egyptians should know that HaShem exists in the land. One must wonder why it was necessary for the Egyptians to know of HaShem’s existence, if shortly afterwards HaShem annihilated them in the Plague of the Firstborn and by drowning them at the Sea?

The answer to this question is that HaShem wishes that the world know of His existence, even for a fleeting moment, as this is the purpose of existence. The Ramban writes at the end of Parashas Bo that the purpose of our existence and the rationale behind all of our holy gatherings and prayers is that we should acknowledge HaShem as our creator. Thus, Hashem wished that the Egyptians should have a moment of recognizing HaShem, even though they were subsequently destroyed.

This idea should give us pause that in our every thought, speech and act we can acknowledge HaShem and praise Him for His greatness.


Rabbi Adler

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