Erev Shabbos Kodesh Chaye Sara Inspiration 5776

Parashas Chaye Sara has a theme of זריזות, alacrity. Eliezer arrives in Charan the same day  that he left, and Rivka rushed to the well to give Eliezer and his camels to drink. Eliezer insists to Rivka’s family that they not cause him delay as HaShem has shown him success on his journey. One may ask, what’s the rush? Rivka was merely three years old at the time, and she would not be fit for pregnancy until she was thirteen years old. Was it that critical for everything to occur with such an urgency?

The answer to this  question can be found in last week’s parasha where we learn that after Avimelech returned Sara to Avraham, the ministering angels protested to HaShem that Sara had to give birth to Yitzchak immediately, so that the liberation of the Jewish People from Egypt would not be delayed even for a moment. We see from this that all world events, even the marriage of Yitzchak to Rivka, are predicated on our redemption. All for our suffering and certainly all of our joyous occasions are one step closer to brining Moshiach. Who are we to stand in the way of this long-anticipated event?

HaShem should allow us to do everything within our power to bring the redemption, and as the Lev Simcha from Gur said, “if the Redemption must come בעתה, in its pre-determined time, than HaShem should be מחיש the בעתה, hasten the pre-determined time.”

Have an Alacritous Shabbos!

Rabbi Adler

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