Erev Shabbos Kodesh Ki Sisa Inspiration 5775

This week’s juxtaposition of Purim with Parashas Ki Sisa provides us with a profound question that must be asked regarding both the Purim Miracle  nd the incident of the Golden Calf. How is it possible that after experiencing the amazing miracle of Purim, the Jewish People continued to sin by marrying gentile women, desecrating the Shabbos, and even more significant, most of the Jews remaining in the Diaspora and not returning for the rebuilding of the second Bais HaMikdash? Similarly, how is it fathomable that after witnessing the Revelation at Sinai and receiving the Torah, the Jews succumbed to what appears to be such infantile behavior by worshiping a Golden Calf?

The answer to this question is Shushan Purim. What does Shushan Purim have to do with the sin of the Golden Calf? We know that the city of Shushan had a wall around it. A wall signifies protection from enemy forces. Whenever we experience a spiritual awakening and we act on it, we must erect fences and protection for ourselves so that the external forces of evil cannot attack us at the height of our spiritual ascent. When we fail to enact protective measures, we become vulnerable to those evil forces. When the Jewish People witnessed the opening of the Heavens at Sinai, they simultaneously witnessed the Heavenly Chariot. They failed to take protective measures and the Medrash teaches us that this was the catalyst for the fashioning of the Golden Calf, similar to the ox that appears on the Heavenly Chariot.

Similarly, when the Jews experienced an arousal for repentance after the Purim miracle, they should have implemented defense mechanisms to ward off the Evil Inclination. Instead, they reveled in the miracle and allowed the gentiles to infiltrate their camp, resulting in the desecration of Shabbos and rampant assimilation.

HaShem should allow us on this Shushan Purim to retain our spiritual gains from Purim by erecting our defense fortresses against the forces of Evil.

Have an Awesome Shushan Purim and a Protective Shabbos!


Rabbi Adler

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