Erev Shabbos Kodesh Noach Inspiration 5775

Did you ever wonder what it felt like to be swimming in the flood waters in the times of Noach? We must wonder what the people of that generation were thinking as they went under. Well, we must sadly conclude that they weren’t thinking at all. The reality is that when one is steeped in immorality and other forbidden activities,  it is virtually impossible to have any logical thought process. The Torah associates the people of that generation with the animals with good reason. Indeed, the people behaved like animals. Noach and his family were saved together with the animals that stayed loyal to each other. This teaches us that there is a very fine line between human behavior and animalistic conduct.

This idea is alluded to in the words אדם, man and בהמה, animal. The sum of the two words equals 98 (really 97) which is the amount of curses in the Tochacha in Parashas Ki Savo. When man falls to the level of the animals, all of the Torah’s curses are unleashed.

The solution to this lifestyle is to study Torah and observe the mitzvos, and only then can a person be guaranteed that he will remain a thinking person who knows the difference between man and animal.

HaShem should allow us to discern the extra soul that He provides us with on Shabbos and that soul assists us in elevating the physical to the spiritual.

Have a Shabbos filled with lofty spiritual pursuits!

Rabbi Adler

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