Erev Shabbos Kodesh Shabbos Naso Inspiration 5774

In this week’s parasha the Torah discusses Bircas Kohanim, the blessings that Aharon and his future descendants would proffer on the Jewish People. What is the significance of these blessings? Let’s take a brief look at the blessings and gain a better understanding of their power. May HaShem bless you and safeguard you. May HaShem illuminate His countenance for you and be gracious to you. May HaShem lift His countenance to you and establish peace for you.

If we were to highlight the most important words from these blessings, it would seem that they are the words “HaShem” and “you.” The Kohanim served as a conduit between HaShem and the nation. Yet, in characteristic humility, Aharon and his sons are instructed to express the idea that HaShem Himself blesses us, illuminates His countenance for us, and prefers peace upon us. HaShem wants us to know that no matter how righteous the person giving the blessing is, all the blessings come from HaShem. Our mission in life is to be cognizant that HaShem wants the Jewish People to be a blessed people, and that we acknowledge that He, and He alone, bestows these blessings upon us.

 Have a Good Chodesh, an inspiring Shabbos and a Good Yom Tov!

 Rabbi Adler

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