Erev Shabbos Kodesh Shabbos Bamidbar Inspiration 5774

New Chumash, new perspectives, a time to get inspired. The Ramban cites Rashi (which doesn’t appear in our editions of Rashi) that the word שאו, loosely translated as count, can also be interpreted to be a metaphor, as one would say to the executioner, “lift up this person’s head,” i.e kill him. The Ramban then cites a Medrash that interprets the word שאו  to be praiseworthy. The Ramban also cites a Medrash that interprets the word שאו both ways to mean that if the Jewish People are meritorious, they will be elevated, and if not, Heaven forbid, then they will all die.

The Medrash is teaching us a powerful lesson for our daily lives. Every action, speech and thought that we perform is in the balance. If we merit, we  can become great people and if not, then not. HaShem counts the Jewish People, to demonstrate His love for us, and once we know that he loves us, we are obligated to love Him. When we serve HaShem out of love, we can be guaranteed to be elevated and then no harm will befall us.

Have an uplifting and elevated Shabbos!

Rabbi Adler


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