Erev Shabbos Kodesh Shabbos Kedoshim Inspiration 5774

Have you ever heard of the expression “burn-out?” Usually burn-out has negative connotations, but following Pesach there is actually a positive spin to this expression. Prior to Pesach we burn the chametz, and almost five week after the start of Pesach, there is a custom to make fires on Lag BaOmer. So while burnout may not be the accurate description of this time of year, we sure are doing a lot of burning.

One of the interesting things about Torah is that it was given in fire, and those who study it are considered to be “on fire.” The period we are in now is a time for increased Torah study and  a focus on improved behavior amongst fellow Jews. The students of Rabbi Akiva died during this time period because they did not honor each other. Torah is fire, which one can use properly, or Heaven forbid, improperly, and be burned by its fire. HaShem should allow us to use the warm days of summer to increase our Torah study and to allow other Jews to feel warmed by the Torah and those who study it.

Have a pleasant Shabbos!

Rabbi Adler


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