Erev Shabbos Kodesh Eiekev 5773 Inspiration

In this week’s parasha Moshe reminds the Jewish People  that they fashioned and served the Golden Calf against the backdrop  of…. receiving the Torah. Can you imagine? Not to be too critical, but imagine someone enters a shul to daven and pulls out his cell phone to talk to someone. Kind of the same idea, wouldn’t you agree? Moshe tells the Jewish People that because of their sin, he was forced to smash the Luchos, the two special tablets that HaShem had given him to bestow upon the Jewish People. I think Moshe was telling them as follows: “You know what happens when you get distracted with sin? I (and HaShem) forget to give you what you need.” The Yerushalmi states that HaShem and Moshe actually engaged in a tug of war with the Luchos, and Moshe won! But then he broke them. Perhaps HaShem allowed Moshe to win so he could demonstrate to the Jewish People that the gift of Torah and Tefillah can be right in front of a person, and he can still forfeit everything because of his obstinance. Let us hope that HaShem will pour on us the pure waters of repentance so we do not have to face such challenges anymore.


Have an uplifting and inspiring Shabbos


Rabbi  Adler

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