Adar: To dwell with joy

We are now entering the month of Adar. The word Adar is associated with the word adur, to dwell or to reside. What is the connection with this month and dwelling? The month of Adar is associated with simcha, joy. The true simcha in a Jew’s life is through the Torah. The Medrash Rabbah in Terumah states that HaShem commanded the Jewish People to build a Mishkan so that HaShem’s Presence would rest there. HaShem declared, “I am giving you, My nation, the Holy Torah. I cannot retain the Torah, because the Jewish People require it, but I find it difficult to part from the Torah. My children, I beseech you to build for Me a sanctuary, so wherever you go, you will take Me with you.”

When we study Torah and live our lives according to Torah, we are joyous, and this joy is a manifestation of HaShem’s Presence in our lives. The month of Adar is a time to increase our study and appreciation of Torah, and then we will merit true joy, when HaShem’s Presence will reside in our midst.

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