HaShem is generous and so are we

We recite the words כל דכפין ייתי ויכול, whoever is hungry come and eat. Why do we make this declaration specifically on Pesach and not on other festivals? While Pesach is normally associated with eating, as we have matzah, maror and other ritual foods, it would seem that there is a deeper reason for making this declaration specifically on Pesach. I heard that Reb Yeruchem Levovitz zt”l, Mashgiach of Mir, said that we invite all the hungry now to demonstrate to HaShem that just as He was generous to us and redeemed us from Egypt, we show Him that we too are generous and invite others to our Seder. In light of this explanation, we can explain the subsequent declaration of כל דצריך ייתי ויפסח, whoever needs should partake in the Korban Pesach. Rashi (Shemos 12:13) explains that the word פסח means to have compassion, so we are demonstrating that just as HaShem had compassion on us in Egypt, so too we have compassion on our fellow Jews and we invite them to partake in the Seder.

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