Hagadah and the Goat

The literature that we read by the Pesach Seder is called the הגדה, which means to flow. The last song that we sing by the Seder is called חד גדיא, one kid. The wordהגדה equals in gematria the word גדי. What is the association between a goat and flow? Perhaps we can suggest a different translation of the root word גד and then we can understand the connection between “goat” and “flow.” Rashi (Bereishis 30:11) writes that the reason that Leah called her son by the name of גד is because the word גד means מזל, literally translated as luck. Rav Shamshon Rafael Hirsch writes that the word מזל is similar to the word נוזל, which means to flow. Thus, while Jews tend to view the concept luck as anathema to our beliefs, there is a vestige of מזל in our lives. The מזל that we sense is what HaShem sends down to us from Heaven, and this is the flow of abundance that we experience in our lives. This helps us understand מזל and הגדה, as our recital of the הגדה allows HaShem to bestow upon us all His blessings of abundance. We culminate the Seder with the singing of חד גדיא, one goat, as this alludes to the idea that we acknowledge HaShem as the One G-d and HaShem reciprocates and bears witness that we are his One Beloved Nation.

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