Purim is to be Prepared to Unite

One aspect of Purim that is worth mentioning is the idea that we must prepare for Purim. In the Megillah we find that Haman was referred to as ממוכן, which means prepared. To negate Haman’s preparedness to annihilate the Jewish People, whom he accused of being scattered and dispersed, we send each other משלוח מנות, food items, as a sign of our unity. In the Book of Nechemia (8:10) it is said ושלחו מנות לאין נכון לו, and send portions to those who have nothing prepared. Applying this verse to Purim, we can suggest that it means that we should send משלוח מנות to someone who has not prepared for the Yom Tov of Purim, i.e. who has not become united with his fellow Jews. HaShem should grant us the opportunity to become one as a nation and united in serving Him.

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