Search for it (the flask of oil) and you will find it!

Here is a fascinating remez to Chanukah. First, though, a little introduction. Chanukah falls every year between the parshiyos of Vayeishev and Mikeitz. Vayeishev equals in gematria 318 and Mikeitz equals 230, and the difference between those two numbers is 88, which is the gematria of the word Chanukah (89). It follows that there are numerous references to Chanukah in these two parshiyos. In Parashas Mikeitz it is said (Bereishis 44:12) vayichapeis bagadol heicheil uvakaton kilah vayimatzei hagavia biamtachas Binyomin, he searched; he began with the oldest and ended with the youngest; and the goblet was found in Binyomin’s sack. The word hagavia, the cup, (90) is gematria Chanukah (89). This alludes to the finding of the flask of oil. Here it is said that the cup was found in Binyomin’s sack. The flask of oil was found in the Bais HaMikdash which was located in the portion of the tribe of Binyomin. Now here’s the best part of this remez. The word vayichapeis contains the letters ches, pey, and sin, and the letters sin and shin are interchangeable. The letters ches, pey, and shin form the words Chanukah pach shemen, Chanukah a flask of oil.

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