Shemen Insights

Here is something fascinating. It is said (Tehillim 23:5) dishanta vashemen roshi, you anointed my head with oil. The first letters of these words in mispar katan, digit sum (example is the letter taf, which equals 400, is 4, as the zeroes are removed) equals 8, alluding to the eight days of Chanukah. The last letters of these words in mispar katan equal 10, which alludes to the Halacha that the Menorah must be lit below ten tefachim from the ground. Another verse that mentions oil is where it is said (Bereishis 49:20) meiasher shemeina lachmo, from Asher – his bread will have riches (Rashi interprets the word shemeina to be referring to oil). The first letters in mispar katan equal ten, and Asher was the eighth son born to Yaakov. Once we are discussing Asher, the word asher is the same gematria as the word titzaveh, you will command. The mitzvah of lighting the Menorah with oil in the Bais HaMikdash is said in Parashas Titzaveh.

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