Chanukah in Parashas Vayeitzei

Today is Rosh Chodesh Kisleiv. It is said that the parshiyos that we read around the time of the holiday relate to that holiday. This week’s parasha, Vayeitzei, starts with the words (Bereishis 28:10) vayeiztei Yaakov MiBeer sheva vayeilech charanah, Yaakov departed from Beer-sheva and went toward Charan. We can interpret this verse homiletically as follows: Yaakov departed from sheva, seven, which reflects the laws of nature, and went towards Charan. The word charanah contains the following words: ches, which is 8, and haneir, the candle, thus alluding to the eight candles that we light on Chanukah. Furthermore, the number eight symbolizes going beyond nature, and the Chashmonaim defeated the Greeks with in a manner that defied nature.

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