Malchus Shebiguvara

Malchus Shebigvura.
In the Yaavetz Siddur there is a tefillah from the Chida that is recited after each week of the Sefirah. In tonight’s Tefillah, it is said oh biachas misheva bechinos digevurah shiniah dinukbei. I would like to offer an insight into the middah of gevurah and the fact that it is the second of the Middos. The Gemara states that it is said bichol levovecha, with all your hearts, and this is interpreted to mean bishnei yitzrecho, with your two hearts. Perhaps the idea is that the Mishnah states, eizehu gibor, kol hakoveish es yitzro, who is the strong person, one who conquers his Evil Inclination. The second day of creation is when things got separated. Rabbeinu Bachye writes that the word sheini¸ second, is derived from the word shinuy, change. Our avodah is to take the disparate matters in life, such as the Evil Inclination, and to utilize them in the service of HaShem. Hopefully, at the conclusion of the second week of Sefirah, we have used the Evil Inclination to serve HaShem, and in this manner we have taken two and transformed it into one.

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