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Shabbos: Ta’am HaChaim Balak 5767

Shabbos: Ta’am HaChaim Balak 5767 Shabbos in the Parashah In this week’s parashah the Torah relates how the wicked Balaam sought to curse the Jewish People, and HaShem prevented him from doing so. The Ohr HaChaim HaKadosh explains that the … Continue reading

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Shabbos: Ta’am HaChaim Chukas 5767

Shabbos: Ta’am HaChaim Chukas 5767 Shabbos in the Parashah In this week’s parashah the Torah discusses the tragic incident where Moshe was instructed by HaShem to speak to a rock that would subsequently give forth water for the Jewish People, … Continue reading

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Reb Chaim Kanievsky and the computer search

Recently an interesting episode occurred with Reb Chaim Kanievsky that demonstrated that despite the amazing advances made by modern technology, nothing can be substituted for diligence in Torah study. A Torah scholar in Bnei Barak was discussing Torah topics with … Continue reading

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Korach and his followers or maybe not?

We mentioned last week that the sin of the meraglim was in the sod, the conspiracy that they engaged in by informing Moshe and Aharon regarding the good of the land and then informing the Jewish People regarding the negative … Continue reading

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Korach 5767

Shabbos: Ta’am HaChaim Korach 5767 Shabbos in the Parashah In this week’s parashah the Torah discusses the literal downfall, of Korach and his entourage. It is said (Bamidbar 16:33) vayeirdu heim vechol asher lahem chaim sheolah vayovdu mitoch hakahal, they … Continue reading

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Shelach: The "Sod" of the Meraglim

Prior to the death of Yaakov Avinu, he shares his apprehensions with his children regarding the future. Concerning Shimon and Levi, Yaakov declares (Bereishis 49:6) bisodam al tavo nafshi, into their conspiracy, may my soul not enter. The Gemara (Sanhedrin … Continue reading

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Shabbos: Ta’am HaChaim Shelach 5767

Shabbos: Ta’am HaChaim Shelach 5767 Shabbos in the Parashah In this week’s parashah it is said (Bamidbar 15:38) dabeir el bnei yisroel viamarta aleihem viasu lahem tzitzis al kanfei bigdeihem ledorosam venasnu al tzitzis hakanaf pesil techeiles, speak to the … Continue reading

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