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Derush on Chur karpas usecheiles

Here is a real Derush. Chur karpas usecheiles achuz bechavlei vutz veargaman al gelilei chesef veamudei sheish mitos zahav vachesef al ritzfas vahat vasheish vedar vesocheres. The word chur alluded to cheirus, freedom, i.e. the Exodus from Egypt. The liberation … Continue reading

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Purim and Puraya

This one is sure to have everyone thinking. The Gemara refers to Purim as Puraya, which also means a bed in Aramaic. What does Purim have to do with a bed? Towards the end of the Megillah it is said … Continue reading

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Mishenichnas Adar Marbim BiSimcha

The Gemara in Taanis 29a states: Mishenichnas Adar marbim bisimcha, when Adar arrives, one should increase in joy. The question is asked, what does marbim mean? I heard a vort from Rabbi Ari Kostelitz, Shlita, Rav of Congregation Dovid Ben … Continue reading

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Parashas Shekalim

The Torah commands us to contribute a Machatzis HaShekel, a half shekel, towards the construction of the Mishkan. The Gemara in Kiddushin 40b states that one should always view the world as if it is hanging in the balance, with … Continue reading

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Megillah 2a: Mordechai and Haman: Mikreh and Yekar

I mentioned that I would continue with the theme of mikreh, so here it is. Amalek reflects mikreh, happenstance. It is said (Esther 4:7) vayegeid lo Mordechai eis kol asher karahu, and Mordechai told him (Hasach) of all that had … Continue reading

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Megillah 2a: Megillah, Amalek and Mikreh

The Mishnah commences with the words Megillah nikraas, the Megillah is read. There is an amazing allusion in these words to the entire story of Purim and the battle that the Jewish People fight with Amalek through history. Regarding Amalek … Continue reading

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Taanis 29a: Simcha and Sasson

The Gemara states that when the month of Av arrives, one should diminish his joy. In contrast, when the month of Adar arrives, one should increase his joy. It is said that although one must diminish his level of joy … Continue reading

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